This intuitive and innovative app aims to make emergency anaesthesia as safe as possible by providing an electronic version of a checklist to be performed before Rapid Sequence Induction of anaesthesia.  These checklists are now commonly used in a number of areas and have been shown to improve safety as well as the use of vital monitoring.  It is available now for iPhone.

It will be coming soon to Android devices, as RSI Ready.

It also contains several very useful tools, which we’ve found helpful, even when not performing a RSI:

  • The “Roc Clock” – an intuitive and useful timer to ensure  that your muscle relaxant has had time to work
  • A pre-oxygenation timer
  • Visible, audible and tactile reminders, which can be set to remind you when pre-oxygenation is complete, your relaxant is effective, or every 30 seconds after starting intubation
  • Easy to use calculators to convert height and weight between imperial and metric
  • Calculation of target tidal volumes, based on ideal body weight
  • Paediatric calculators
  • Drug dose calculators for commonly used induction agents and muscle relaxants
  • Assistance in the management of failed intubation and anaphylaxis

A major update is in progress and will be ready soon


Making Emergency Anaesthesia Safer